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When your commercial pool, spa, or foundation starts to show signs of gradual damage, it can be a major problem. That's why the team of professional technicians at Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Services offers commercial pool and spa cleaning and repair services throughout Rockwall, Texas. We have been providing professional spa and pool services in Rockwall for many years, and our industry-trained team can easily refurbish your swimming pool to its original glory.

Commercial Pool & Spa Services We Offer

Elite swimming pool service in TX offers an extensive range of commercial pool and spa services in Rockwall. They include, but are not limited to:

  • Heater repair

  • Pool pump repair

  • Plumbing diagnosis and repair

  • Spa pump repair

  • Equipment replacement

  • Pool leak repair

  • Pool restoration

  • Pool drainage solutions

Signs Your Pool's Structural Foundation Needs Repair

Some signs indicate your structural foundation might need to be repaired. They include:

  • Sinking or settling

  • Cracks in the concrete or gunite

  • Mold growth

  • Water damage

If you see any of these signs, you should contact Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service as soon as possible.

Precision and Top-Notch Services

Most pool owners can maintain pools by themselves. However, they might ignore some issues due to a lack of equipment and knowledge. Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service professionals use advanced technology to detect leakages and other deterioration with high accuracy. They can spot even minor dents and fissures and repair them quickly to prevent future larger ones. Professional technicians can also perform repairs and component replacements with impressive efficiency.

How Can Pool Service Company Help You

In most cases, pool cleaning service providers will advise you to fix leakages by hiring experienced technicians. They can provide the usual pool maintenance and leak detection, as they are very efficient in fixing leaks. If you're looking for leak detection, pool repair, and cleaning service in Rockwall, Texas, feel free to contact us.

We have a vast experience in the pool service industry and the necessary tools and equipment to fix all issues you might have with your swimming pool. Furthermore, the company provides a team of skilled professionals to give you advice, support, and any assistance you might need.

Why should you hire professionals for your pool cleaning?

Having a pool at home will allow you to enjoy it with your friends and family anytime you want. It is important to clean your swimming pool. This is particularly true when you just go through a rainy or autumn season. You have to worry about not just the tidiness of the pool.

However, maintaining a pool is too arduous for people as most pool owners are too busy with their daily schedules. That is where professional spa and pool services in Rockwall, like Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Services, come to the rescue.

If you haven't known, there are many advantages to hiring a professional to clean your pool. Check out the benefits you can get when you choose a professional cleaning service for your pool maintenance.

Maintain Chemical Balance

Your swimming pool needs to hold a chemical balance to stay healthy. Balancing your pool involves the following:

  • pH

  • Sanitizer (such as chlorine)

  • Total alkalinity

  • Calcium hardiness

  • Total dissolved solids

If your pool has low alkalinity, it is at risk of damage and corrosion. The same goes for low pH, which can lead a pool lining to color wash and wear. With a high pH, water can become cloudy, leading to skin rashes and other health issues.

Our professional pool cleaning service will manage the chemical balance for you. This protects the longevity of your swimming pool.

Get Organized

Regularity is essential when it comes to having a fresh and sparkling clean pool. After all, who knows when you will want to swim on a sunny day? Make sure your swimming pool is ready to use when you want to swim. Our pool technicians are ready to do the work for you.

The pool cleaning company will offer scheduled service options, such as a pool cleaning on weekly basis. No need to worry about missing a pool cleaning again if you scheduled a pool cleaning service. During the summer season, chemical levels need to be examined regularly due to the loss of chlorine on sunny days.

Keep it Crystal Clear.

If there is a chemical imbalance in the pool, inadequate chlorine, or no frequent pool cleaning, the pool oasis can turn green in color due to the algae growth. During the heat of the summer season, this happens almost overnight.

The same thing happens with pool debris and dirty tiles. You don't want to be floating on your pool lounge chair and notice pests floating on the water's surface. It not only can cause severe health issues but is unappealing too.

If you entrust your regular maintenance to Elite Swimming Pool and Spa Service and have a weekly pool cleaning service, your pool will stay crystal clear. It will be ready to use for any unplanned occasion, as our pool technicians also provide the best swimming pool and spa repair in Rockwall, TX.

Visit our website to know more about our pool and spa services and packages.

What can I expect from the best swimming pool maintenance service?

Do you want to opt for a swimming pool maintenance service? Well, you must be bothered about the things that you should expect from professionals and mark the worthiness of your investment. To resolve all your doubts and confusion, we have arrived with some crucial aspects of the swimming pool maintenance that will help you make the service satisfying for you. 

Being the best swimming pool maintenance service in Dallas, we make sure every aspect of your swimming pool is touched and corrected with the maintenance work. The prime aspects we take care of for swimming pool maintenance service involve, 

    • Timely cleaning 

We ensure timely cleaning of the swimming pool. This becomes possible as the professionals notify the customers of the timely cleaning they encounter while offering the service. They check the swimming pool, speculate its conditions well, and thereby mark the interval for cleaning. However, it is always suggested to have a cleaning service whenever any event takes place in or around the pool area. 

    • Leak detection 

We detect the leakages, if any, caused to the pool and thereby put our efforts into repairing them at the earliest. We use specialized methods and advanced tools to detect leakages to ensure the righteous fulfillment of our service. 

    • SPA services 

SPA is the service in which the health and wellness establishments are made for the swimming pools. We offer SPA services by taking care of all the important factors and employing advanced tools and techniques. 

    • Brushing the pool walls and floor 

It is very dangerous to have slippery pool walls and floors. That is why our pool maintenance work also involves brushing these surfaces and ensuring their complete cleanliness away from the fungal presence. 

    • Checking the pool filter system

We also check the filter system of the pool through our Plano swimming pool maintenance services. We detect if the filter system is working well or if it needs any cleaning work; we suggest and offer the same with completeness and efficacy. 

Some of them can be common with many swimming pool service providers; the commitment to offer the best and the inclusion of updated tools make us unique. Book now and ensure the best pool maintenance service with us in Texas. 

5 signs to call a professional pool leak detection service!

Are you unaware of the right time to call professionals for leak detection services in your swimming pool? Well, you can beware of these few signs and consider calling professionals to get the swimming pool leak detection services in Plano done without any delay. Let’s have a look at this blog! 

5 signs of professional leak detection service 

    • Mushy ground 

If you see the mushy ground around the swimming pool area, you need to call the professionals for an immediate leak detection service. However, you need to consider whether you live in a rainy area where dry ground is usually impossible. 

    • Continuous running water sound 

If you can hear the sound of continuous running water in and around your pool area, you need to get an immediate leak detection service. This sound can be of the hidden damage to the pipeline or the lines through which the water flows to the pool. The delay in detection may cause unexpected and uncertain circumstances that will lead to hefty investment aftermath. 

    • Wet spots in the living premise 

If you see wet spots on the living premises, which are quite constant and sturdy, you need to call for the professionals to get the leak detection instantly. These wet spots can be the cause of cracked or damaged pipelines or something more dangerous. By getting immediate service, you can easily avoid uncertain circumstances in the future.  

    • The necessity of excessive chemical treatments 

If your swimming pool requires chemical treatments frequently, you should understand it is a sign of immediate leak detection. Usually, chemical treatments can be done weekly. But as soon as the requirement increases, getting immediate professional help will always help you experience the best. 

    • Unexpected water bills 

If you are experiencing sky-high water bills, you need to get the pool checked and repaired immediately. The increasing water bill implies damage and disturbance in the water or source of water or the body of the pool. If you ignore it, the bill will constantly keep rising, making the pool dangerous for the swimmers. 

Connect with us and ensure efficient Dallas pool leak detection service in TX with our expert and experienced professionals. Visit our service page and call us to resolve all your queries right away! 

Pool or spa troubles? Let us rescue you!

The rule with swimming pools and spas is simple; you can only enjoy them if they have been maintained in good condition. Pools and spas tend to collect a lot of dust, dirt, slime, and moss when left alone for some time. On the other hand, one may see a chemical composition fault in the pool if it has been in use for long periods of time.


Thus, what requires to be done is regular or timely maintenance and care of the pool and spa. Only in this way can one enjoy these facilities whenever they want. There is no need to worry, though, because one does not need to take on these cumbersome tasks on their own. After all, employing a swimming pool care and maintenance company will help them in taking care of all their related queries and requirements. 

Our swimming pool care, repair, and maintenance company is a certified pool and spa operator and also a part of the independent pool and spa service association. We have been in this line of business for almost 20 years, and we have gathered precious lessons and on-field knowledge in these long years. We make a combination of great services and equipment with the most skilled and experienced technicians. They are further trained under us and instructed to pay keen attention to each and every detail of the procedure. They have been taught to be thorough with each and every one of their actions. So, high-grade professional service is what a client should expect from our technicians and us. 

The services we provide include repairs, maintenance, internal and external leak detection, weekly cleaning, new tile, plaster, deck work, deco seal, mastic & stone, cooping, and swimming pool remodeling in Plano, Rockwall, and Dallas, Texas. We have been providing these services for almost 20 years and have gathered many praises from our clients in many aspects. Some have even proclaimed us of having the best pool repair services in Plano, Texas. 

Our company also handles all aspects of pool and spa maintenance. That is why we have created seasonal maintenance packages that include many services for the complete care and repair of swimming pools and spas. On the other hand, we also provide specific treatments that will help people with only one or a couple of problems in their swimming pool or spa to get a repair, treatment, or replacement for a specific item. 


With our array of services, whether you are looking for a swimming pool remodeling in Plano, Rockwall, and Dallas, Texas, or trying to get the best pool repair services in Plano, Rockwall, and Dallas, Texas, or any other pool and spa related services; we have the equipment, technology, and staff to be your go-to company. 


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